WHAT IS A CHALLENGE STUDIO? // Workshops based on a challenge facing a participant or a participant’s community that are designed to transform a community’s difficult challenges and problems into promising opportunities. Participants will work side-by-side with leading industry experts and local peer networks to craft problem-solving plans that result in improved futures for all. In the process, the participating communities will be connected into supporting networks and resources; helping them to get the job done.

Challenge Studios allow conference participants to shape the IN THE GAME afternoon workshops around their biggest issues! Submit your issue areas for a chance to have a Challenge Team consider solutions with the speakers, consultants and peer communities at the event. Following the IN THE GAME event, DCI will plan up to ten follow up visits for team members to visit the Challenge Communities. 

WHEN ARE THE CHALLENGE STUDIOS HAPPENING? // Challenge Studios will be held each afternoon on April 11- 12, 2018 in Boulder during the IN THE GAME event.  


January 31, 2018 // Deadline for Colorado communities submit challenges for consideration. Additional information may be requested to assist with selection committee review.

February 2018 // Selection committee reviews and identifies community challenges with enough breadth to be relevant to other participants.

Feb 23-Mar 16 // On-Site Visit #1 to Challenge Studio Communities

March 1, 2018 // Challenge Studio Communities Announced

Mar 23-April 2 // On-Site Visit #2 to Challenge Studio Communities

April 11-13, 2018 // Challenge Studios are held at DCI IN THE GAME, Boulder Colorado

By May 7 // Final presentation to the Challenge Studio Communities

Incentivizing the Right Development in Nederland, CO | Challenge Studio at the 2017 IN THE GAME Conference

HOW DO I PROPOSE A TOPIC FOR A CHALLENGE STUDIO? // Please fill out this quick form below to submit a challenge:


o Consider the challenges that your community faces that you would like help to work through some ideas and possible solutions.

o Identify 2-8 people in your community who care about this issue;

o Submit your Challenge to DCI by January 31.

o If selected in March 2018, prepare for a meeting with your Challenge Studio Project Manager to meet with your 4-8 people, tour the town, provide maps, and showcase the problem.

o Save the date for 2-8 people to attend April 10-13 IN THE GAME conference.

o Plan for one more visit before the April 10-13 IN THE GAME conference and one after the conference.

Which Challenges Areas do your Community's Challenge intersect?

HOW DO I SPONSOR A CHALLENGE STUDIO? // Please contact Will Cundiff, marketing@downtowncoloradoinc.org, for more information about how to become a sponsor. More information will be made public shortly.

Balancing Tourists vs. Locals in Woodland, CO | Challenge Studio at the 2017 IN THE GAME Conference

2017 CHALLENGE STUDIO REPORTS // Please have a look through reports from last year's Challenge Studios.

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