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“DCI’s Quarterly Districts meetings have created a platform to better connect to the peer network of professionals working on district management . . . By coupling these meetings with educational forums, we are able to access double the benefits in one day at a reasonable cost.” --Susan Edmondson, President & CEO, Downtown Partnership, Colorado Springs

FAQs for DCI Membership

1. How can DCI help me become better at my job?

DCI’s District Committee convenes Business Improvement District and Downtown Development Authority professionals on a quarterly basis to discuss innovative approaches, idea and solution sharing, and to network and collaboratively problem solve.

2. How can DCI help us use our district financing tools better?

By offering board training and retreats, in addition to community facilitated dialogues about district financing, DCI helps communities to make informed decisions and create usable solutions to fit the community needs.

3. How can DCI help protect districts in Colorado?

DCI works behind the scenes to follow and inform district leaders about possible challenging legislation or trends that might threaten the use of district financing tools.

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