Featured Event: Mariposa: Urbanism Reimagined

Denver’s host real estate market is creating opportunities and challenges and questions abound around affordable housing, community development, and how to maintain a place for all while costs steadily rise. Denver’s Mariposa redevelopment project aimed higher than the average 15% retention that redevelopment usually can muster, and their success is in the numbers with over 50% retention for this innovative approach to redevelopment and transit. The Congress for the New Urbanism and Downtown Colorado, Inc. are excited to showcase Denver Housing Authority’s Mariposa, which includes affordable and market rate housing in a transit oriented development setting.

Join us from 5-8 PM for an event that will include a tour of the Mariposa redevelopment, a panel discussion, catered dinner, live music, and a social hour at Renegade Brewing! Register soon!



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