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If you are a URA Member, you can access member-only resources including: case studies, guides, descriptions and guidelines. Visit our URA Member page now!

“DCI has reshaped our community’s understanding of urban renewal by helping us to better showcase our work, helping our board to understand their role in shaping our projects and relationships with other taxing entities, and creating a professional network for urban renewal staff.” —Steve Art, Economic Development and Urban Renewal Manager, City of Wheat Ridge

FAQs about DCI Membership

1. How can DCI help me be better at my job?

DCI’s URA Committee shares information about innovative approaches to urban renewal and allows for URA professionals to network and collaboratively problem solve. Additionally, by offering the only training specifically developed for URA boards, DCI helps to empower URA professionals by helping the board understand how to guide the work without micromanaging.

2. Why should our URA join DCI, if our City is a member?

DCI’s URA membership provides access to URA specific benefits including customized collateral material, participation in monthly discussions with URA professionals, and the opportunity to highlight your URA projects on a state-wide platform.

3. How can DCI help protect urban renewal in Colorado?

DCI works behind the scenes before anti-URA legislation is introduced, to help build a stronger understanding of why urban renewal is important and how it can help all of the taxing entities in the long-term return on investment.

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